• Course Length 36 / 40h Divided into Catwalk, Make-up, photo Posa.
• The intensive course will go on for a week.
• Wil give you a professional photo CD with your VIDEO BOOK .
• Will give you the video of the course where is possible see your improvements from the starts.
• At the ends of the course we will insert you in our agency and start to promote you with other agency .
End of the course:
Confinement of certificate • runway show • Confinement of the professional photo CD • Confinement of DVD video with the shoots from the start to the ends of the course.
Teacher: Laura Cartocci
• posture correction (head, neck, shoulders, pelvis, legs, arms, hands)
• Setting the poise, the expressions, the gaits of rhythms at musical time, know how to walk in heels.
• Techniques of runway and poise style to the catwalk, showrooms, casting, fitting
• Correct apparel interpretation (sports, elegant, ceremony, evening, bridal, costumes, underwear) and the accessory (hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, sunglasses, footwear)
• Research and creation of the most appropriate look to enhance their personality and enhance their beauty
• Characterization of your personal style, in poise and in the chose of the look
• Exercises and catwalk pictures (single, couple, group, tableau)
Teacher: Carla Giommi
• Personal MAKE-UP, photo makeup, catwalk make-up
• Types of hairstyles that suit IN various situations and contests, like show and photos (sporty, elegant, jewelry, etc. ...)
• Small tips of corrective exercises, and facial, body care
• Improve yourself to increase:your own ESTEEM, security of your self , own emotions control .
• Delete: fears, phobias, panic and bad eating habits. Approach the SUCCESS or keep it or learning to tolerate and deal with stress and to communicate with others in the right mode.
• Basic concepts of interpersonal communication
• the theoretical basis of interpersonal communication
• Some tools help the working relationship
• listening, observation, reflection
• approach to the problematic relationship
• conflict and contrast, and approach to solving
Teacher: Andrea Adriani
• Study of expressions and face
• Behaviour in front of camera and telecamera
• Pose Techniques (editorials, catalogs, video, advertising)
• Know the most photogenic side and highlight the personal characteristics (two photographic pose lessons in the studio: portrait / expressions and full-length / fashion)

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